Idimu Tanker Explosion: Centenarian Seeks Govt.’s Help

  • By Laolu Adeyemi on June 20, 2015

petrol tanker fire kills 69 in OnitshaA 140-year-old man, Ramon Agbogunleri whose houses were gutted by the fire caused by tanker explosion in Idimu has cried out for help from Lagos State Government.

Agbogunleri who has been on bed since the incident occurred called on the government of Lagos State to help him rebuild his houses that were gutted by the fire.

In an Interview with The Guardian, the centenarian explained that the house is the only source of his livelihood. I no longer work and the rent I collects from this house is the only source of my livelihood. Narrating his ordeal, he said: “ I retired to bed early because of my age.

And by 12 am, my great grandchildren came to wake me up, shouting fire, fire. All I could hear was fire, fire at about this time. I managed to get up in order to run for my dare life but I fell after taking three steps. It was my children who came to carry me away and I can’t walk on my own again.”

Agbogunleri man disclosed that he walks without being supported but since that accident occurred, he could no longer walk. Asked of his loss, the old man mice no words.

He repeatedly says Government should help me rebuild my houses because that is all I live on. “I built two houses from the proceeds of my Tomato farming I did decades ago. All I have done in my life is farming.”


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